One of the key things in helping you restore  health is understanding how you arrived at your current state of health. This includes what you’ve been through-mind, body and spirit, what treatments you  have had and how you responded, the experience of your life- literally the story of how you got from healthy to wherever your health is now. That is where our conversation begins. Then a detailed functional medicine focused physical examination often  reveals clues about your nutritional status, hormonal imbalances, and your body’s toxic load. 

Additionally, there are many  functional medicine-based tests [read more] that allow us to understand your current  state of  nutritional biochemistry, metabolism, hormone balance, immune stress, etc.  These three elements -your health story, physical exam, and functional testing-allow us to create a health restoration plan that is specific for you to restore health.

My philosophy is creating health, 
not merely treating the symptoms.	
                           Suzanne E. Mack, MD

Welcome to the possibility of creating health and wellness.

  1. BulletWhat if healthcare meant actually improving your health?

  2. BulletWhat if you could access the key things unique for your body to thrive?

  3. BulletWhat if health appointments were focused on achieving your health goals?

  4. BulletFUNCTIONAL MEDICINE works just this way to change your health and life forever!

No two people are alike...